Selected publications of Judith Phillips

  • The Social Policy of Old Age, (edited with M. Bernard), Centre for Policy on Ageing, 1997.

  • Broadening our Vision of Community Care: Examples from England, Sweden and Finland (edited with R. Means, L. Russell and R. Sykes). Anchor Trust, Oxford. Jan 1999.

  • 'Continuity and Change: The Family and Community Life of Older People in the 1990s' (with M. Bernard, C. Phillipson and J. Ogg) in Arber, S. and Attias-Donfut, C. Changing Generational Contracts: The State and Family across Cultures. Routledge in association with the European Sociological Association. London. Forthcoming 1999.

  • Family Life and Living Arrangements of Older People, (with C. Phillipson, M. Bernard and J. Ogg), Ageing and Society, Vol. 18. No.3 1998 (refereed paper).

  • Challenges to Ageing in the 21st Century Ageing and Society (with M. Bernard) forthcoming vol. 20, January 2000 (refereed paper).

  • The Family and Community Life of Older People Social networks and social support in three urban areas. Chris Phillipson, Miriam Bernard, Judith Phillips and Jim Ogg. Published by Routledge. London. 2000.

  • Women Ageing changing Identites challenging myths.Miriam Bernard, Judith Phillips, Linda Machin and Val Davies (eds) Routledge. London. 2000.

  • Social Work with Older People (4th Edition) with Mo Ray and Mary Marshall. Palgrave. 2005.



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